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Truly learning cybersecurity is difficult. So why waste time memorizing Study Guides, PowerPoints and Quiz Questions only to forget most of it before your first job interview? Make a real plan for your future and get certified with confidence in your abilities all the while tracking your professional growth within an integrated Cybersecurity Career Development Program. Our number one goal at CyberPrep is to make training for your future in cybersecurity simpler and more effective using highly graphical, intuitive and immersive learning systems. The way learning should be done in a modern digital world. 


Now Is The Time for CyberSecurity Career Planning, Development, and Education.

The CyberPrep Educators are committed to providing excellent courses and programs for those seeking a CyberSecurity Career.

General Course Overview - Learning

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CyberPrep Cybersecurity Career Development Program is a five-part learning system where the learner is in the driver’s seat controlling the way they best learn. It all starts with an optional Base Course that provides learners with a comprehensive glimpse of the cybersecurity profession. A series of four courses follow each with their own associated professional certification yet each course is complimentary laying in the same topics in the same way going deeper and deeper. CyberPrep 1 is the first course leading to a certification from ISC2 called Systems Security Certified Practitioner. Second in the course series is CyberPrep 2 leading to a CompTIA Security + certification. Two additional courses, Imerzi 1 and Imerzi 2, are very much applied courses focusing on network defense and NIST-based hardening training. They lead to EC-Council’s Certified Network Defense and ISACA’s coveted Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificates. The combination of all four certifications puts the learner in a superior position for entrance into the modern cybersecurity job market.

General course overview - Career Planning

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Career planning is an essential element in achieving the right kinds of experience and education necessary to plan a fulfilling professional career. While there are lots of resources and articles available, they are often difficult to assemble into a cohesive plan that is relevant to future demand versus present day needs. Government sponsored programs such as NICE put out generic information, but it takes a regularly updated system managed by experts already working in the field to create a career planning system that can effectively predict the training necessary today for the job requirements of tomorrow. In the CyberPrep Program, we use an assessment module designed to assess your current aptitude, personality and interests to help you determine the best career area for you that you would most enjoy. And then put that knowledge into a plan that would result in a clear path based on the latest hiring trends as to the necessary education, certification and experience necessary to achieving your goals.

general course overview - Career Tracking

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Build a resume! Build a resume for your first job. Build a resume to compete for college entrance or a college scholarship. Effective management of your education and experience is essential to ensuring you are qualified, but you must tell your story effectively. In the CyberPrep Program we help learners with effective templates and guidance to build an effective resume, and coaching tips to get through that first interview whether it is for a job or college.


Through corporate, government and military partnerships, CyberPrep currently has over 95 competitive cybersecurity scholarship opportunities available through our program and it is growing each year. Use our program to compete for these and many more scholarship opportunities we identify for you and your success.


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