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The CyberPrep Cybersecurity Career Development Program consists of six unique courses all interrelated and layered upon one another. The result is an integrated system where the courses follow a similar path to cover topics and skill areas simply layering in increased detail the knowledge relative to the respective certification stage by stage. The Base Course (Career Starter Camp) does not have to be taken as a part of the series. It serves a foundational course that provides a solid understanding of the cybersecurity career field along with the essential skillsets to protect a learner’s home or home office environment. The CATI Career Development Course is co-integrated with both the Base Course and the four stage CyberPrep Certification Program. Unique to the CyberPrep Program is the ability for learners to plan, develop, educate and achieve through an integrated career development strategy. This program leads to scholarship opportunities, college admissions assistance and job-ready certification in the cybersecurity profession.


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