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Our number one goal at CyberPrep is to make training for your future in cybersecurity simpler and more effective using highly graphical, intuitive and immersive learning systems. The way learning should be done in a modern digital world. Our program was designed by cybersecurity experts in concert with leading edge instructional designers and graphic artists. No more PowerPoints and 5-minute videos on subjects out of context. It's time to confidently learn cybersecurity instead of memorizing it for a test.


No singularly focused learning system will likely produce a successful outcome. In order to achieve effective learning, it takes a combination of tools and an understanding of the learner to make learning truly happen. In this program we assess the aptitude, interest and personality profile of the learner along their path to help them determine how they want to best use the program tools to achieve their success. The following tools are incorporated into the CyberPrep Program:

The core of the system revolves around the Articulate Storyline 2 presentation interface. The Storyline tool allows instructional designers to incorporate interactive content that enables the users to actively participate in their instruction vice simply reading or listening to material.

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To reinforce skills learned within the graphical environment learners will create their own virtual machine environment and use tools they can expect to use in their first jobs. Using the Kali Linux Tool Suite, and then The Parrot Project learners will complete labs that culminate the skills learned over multiple activities within the Storyline 2 modules. Students can operate without fear of accidental external tool engagement or having to wait for expensive range time. Teachers and parents can be assured proper use of cybersecurity tools are contained within the user’s own computer via VirtualBox.

The CyberPrep Program is housed within the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas LMS is a familiar and intuitive learning environment that provides readily available performance tracking. Student and their teachers may monitor progress and make reports using SCORM formatted metrics. Not only is student performance, engagement and progress tracked, the data is aggregated and used, if requested, as part of the means to identify and select scholarship candidates for a wide variety of college programs.

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The Cyber Aptitude Typology Indicator (CATI) Course is a 5-module course within the program designed to support cyber-interested individuals with actionable metrics that can be used to better match learning preferences, personality characteristics, and skillsets with cybersecurity work roles as defined by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education’s Cyber Workforce Framework (NICE CWF). Individuals that complete this course will gain an objective understanding of “best fit” cybersecurity work roles based off of their unique assessment results, and learn about the relevant concepts, certifications, and job requirements appropriate to pursue work in the field of cybersecurity.


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