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CyberPrep Base Course

The CyberPrep Base Course is a 5-day instructor-led course

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  • Online Course

Service Description

The CyberPrep Base Course is a 5-day instructor-led course designed to provide learners with a wide spectrum of cybersecurity topics and tools meant to give a comprehensive glimpse of the cybersecurity profession. Taught locally on-ground or online via an online meeting platform, the Base Course has options to be taken sequentially during a weeklong course or on weekends as a part of a 5-part series. Topics are presented using highly graphical online content through the Canvas Learning Management System. This system visually augments instructor demonstrations as well as enables learners to have continued access for further practice and continued skill growth. Learners will build their own virtual environments to practice using tools without fear of unintended consequences, or having to join expensive cyber ranges where they may encounter strangers with skills often outside of their own. The ability to independently use a learning system without reliance on expensive outside connectivity and the scrutiny of strangers is a tremendous plus to ensure learning with confidence at the learner's pace. At a minimum, completion of the Base Course will result in the learner's ability to map, scan, optimize and harden their own home or small business network. A highly valuable skill whether or not pursuit of a professional career in cybersecurity is desired. The CyberPrep Base Course is complementary to the CyberPrep Career Development Program and is highly encouraged prior to proceeding with the CyberPrep 1 Course,

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