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Instructor cOURSES

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available courses

Finally, a program designed for youth to get youth interested in cybersecurity, keep them interested and get them certified for a future with guaranteed job growth.

Career Starter Course
Practitioner Certificate
Security + Certificate
Network Defense Certificate
Blue Team Certificate
Available Courses

Teacher Training

When the students seem to know more about cybersecurity than I do, my confidence goes out the door. This program allows me to focus on teaching what I know while giving my students room to explore and grow. I can learn from the system to teach or let the system teach what I want when I want.

We provide instructor certification training opportunities in-house and virtually through the University of San Diego to assist in educator knowledge, skills and confidence building.

Right out of the box CyberPrep supports varied levels of instructor engagement. Modules may be taught asynchronously, synchronously or any hybrid as the instructor desires.

Teach only the topics you are confident in. Use the program to develop your own knowledge and skills.


Miss a day of class or two, not a problem. A substitute need only assign the asynchronous module and your class stays on curriculum.



Our school system has a very regimented curriculum for STEM courses and making changes is extremely difficult. While I have the curriculum, getting the content is both time consuming and frustrating.


Design considerations

  1. Immersive highly dynamic graphically intense knowledge development environments.

  2. Recorded presentations using immersive environments to assure basic knowledge.

  3. Recorded demonstrations to reinforce key presentation concepts using common cyber tools.

  4. Interactive games, demo walkthroughs and assignments that build applied skills and confidence.

  5. Career relevance, guidance and certification training preparation integrated into program.

  6. Customizable metrics to measure student progress and success.

  7. Ability to rapidly re-order, customize and adapt curriculum content to meet varied curriculums.

Design Cosiderations

Turn-key summer camps

Would you like to earn extra money during the Summer months when school is out?

Keep youth actively engaged year around by offering Cybersecurity Camps.

Turnkey Cybersecurity camps are available.

Contact us and we will set-up a camp in your name and a link for students to sign-up and pay.

All you need to do is provide the space and your presence. Or, conduct the camp online via Zoomtm.

Earn up to $200 a student per week. Program easily accommodates 30-50 students.

Turn-Key Summer Camps

Cost effective solutions

CyberPrep courses cost roughly the same as a textbook.

The program is individually tailorable to your curriculum and accessible by your student all year.

Each course after the Career Starter Course Leads to an industry certification.

Finish two certifications and the student is readily employable.

Finish four certifications and the student is highly competitive for a scholarship.

Cost Effective Solutions


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