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CYBERsecurity CareerS

Add intro paragraph/sentence about Cybersecurity Careers

Career outlook

Cybersecurity Jobs are Expected to grow by 32% by 2028 according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

  • Median Pay $99,730 per year

  • Current Number of Jobs 131,000

  • Current Number of Jobs Open 35,000

  • Typical Entry Level Bachelor’s Degree

  • Work Experience Less than 5 years

Career Outlook

Career options

  • Full Spectrum of Cyber Security Careers

  • There is a Career Specialization for Just About Everyone

  • One Need Only Make an Achievable Plan to Get There

Career Options

Certification & education Planning

  • Career Starter Course (Space for Video)

  • Cybersecurity Practitioner Certification (Space for Video)

  • Security Plus Certification (Space for Video)

  • Certified Network Defense Certification (Space for Video)

  • ISACA CSX-P Certification for Red/Blue Teaming with NIST CSF (Space for Video)

Certif & Education

Making it work

  • Finding and competing for scholarships and grants

  • Career Planning Process

  • Building your Resume

  • Preparing for Interviews

  • Creating a Learning Mindset

  • Success…

Making it Work


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